Hike & Camp Hiking Backpacks | Fjällräven Kajka 75 Backpack forest green – CH64714


Brand: Fjällräven
Color: forest green

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Hike & Camp Hiking Backpacks | Fjällräven Kajka 75 Backpack forest green CH64714

Durable, comfortable and loaded with functions – despite its fairly modest appearance, Kajka is an advanced trekking backpack in the classic Fjällräven spirit. Now upgraded with fine-tuned and improved functions and an innovative, one-of-a-kind wooden frame that impacts the environment considerably less than previously while maintaining its strength and functionality.

Kajka has been praised by hikers all over the world as well as by the trade press. Amongst other things, it was named 2009 Product of the Year by the Swedish outdoor magazine, Utemagasinet, and Best in Test by Retkis, a Finnish publication, in its large backpack test in 2011.

Vinylon F
Vinylon F is the functional fabric that has made daypacks seemingly immortal for the last 30 years. While being a synthetic fiber, Vinylon F shares many benefits with natural fibres. Fabrics used for backpacks usually need a coating to become water resistent. This is functional initially, but the coating inevitably loses its waterproofness over time. Vinylon F, on the other hand, behaves like a natural fibre and swells when it gets damp. Moisture actually makes the fabric weave tighter, so that it resists water without the need of a coating. The result is a lighter and more durable material. Combined with excellent resistance to abrasion, Vinylon F is a fabric that continues to prove its durable functionality, year after year.

Wet & Dry
The Wet & Dry compartment with mesh pocket makes it possible to separate wet or soiled items from the rest of the backpack.


  • Carrying system with ergonomically shaped shoulder straps
  • Main compartment is equipped with a snow guard
  • Main compartment can be horizontally divided
  • Bottom compartment can be used as wet/dry compartment
  • Rain shield with reflective elements
  • With leather details
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